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The Beauty of Antiques

There is a district in Tamilnadu called Pudukottai and Yogesh's ancestors belonged to this princely state. His grandfather was a health inspector and had built a beautiful home in the main town of Pudukottai. When our elder son was just 2 years old, we had visited this ancestral home. I remember how comfortable and at ease my son felt when we stayed there.....I guess the energy of a place makes all the difference. The house was full of Antiques, each one more beautiful than the other. Later in life when the house was sold by the family, we tried to salvage many things from there....right from old paintings, brass vessels to old furniture. Each had a story since they were used by our own elders and thus had a special place in our heart.

Many of these antiques can be seen in our home in SILVER BROOK ESTATE HOMESTAY.

One such is this beautiful Bill cum Money Box used by our grandfather. This is made of old Burma Teak, has small sections and has a lock which is still working well.

Again....if only this box had a voice. Imagine the number of stories it could share.

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